Constant PSI Systems: Optimal Water Pressure on Demand.

With our Constant PSI Systems, you may experience a revolution in water pressure control. Say goodbye to erratic water pressure and hello to a steady flow throughout your property. Learn about the advantages of constant PSI systems and how they can improve your water supply experience.

Advantages of Constant PSI Systems:

Consistent Water Pressure: From showers to appliances, enjoy a continuous flow regardless of demand.
Improved Comfort: Say goodbye to low-pressure showers and slow-filling tubs.
Efficient Water Use: Reduce energy expenses by optimizing water consumption.
Equipment Lifespan: Reduce wear and tear on pumps and components for long-term performance.
Our Products and Services:

System Consultation: Individual advice depending on your water requirements.
Professional Installation: Integrates seamlessly with your current well system.

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Verified Local Reviews


Michele Harrison
Michele Harrison
01:31 19 Nov 23
This post is for my sister and Brother in law (McCarthy)... who never goes on a computer but wanted to give a big shout out to Kocher's.From Mike McCarthy - The work that Kocher's did was amazing and the fact that they took out the old system for me was so above and beyond anyone I have ever hired to do a job for my home. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a professional company that is honest, does the job correctly, cleans up after themselves and takes out the old system.I am new to PA and will now always call Kocher's for any of my plumbing needs.Mike McCarthyread more
Alexander Buchanan
Alexander Buchanan
18:28 06 Jun 23
Great service! Personalized and professional work
Roland Bell
Roland Bell
00:03 13 May 23
I have known this company and family for years. Quality... work from quality more
Laura Bilger
Laura Bilger
11:43 09 Sep 22
Called many water treatment companies For acidic water... problem. I knew how to test water and had my own kit. It was unbelievable how many of these water treatment companies try to convince you that you needed so much more than you really did & at such a high cost. This gentleman was honest! Simply got a water neutralizer -didn’t need the softener and everything else that was trying to be sold to me. Highly recommendread more